Motorcycle crash bars

Solid construction, powder coated, ideally protects a motorcycle from damages.

Full kit dedicated for driving schools and Centres of Road Traffic for e. g. SUZUKI GLADIUS 650 or Yamaha XJ6 600 motorcycles consists of five or four parts and prevents from damaging the whole motorcycle (front, sides, back).

We also produce two-part crash  bars, protecting only the engine.

Gmole do motocykli 1Gmole do motocykli 2Gmole do motocykli 3
Gmole do motocykli 4Gmole do motocykli 5Gmole do motocykli 6
Gmole do motocykli 7Gmole do motocykli 8Gmole do motocykli 9
IMG 20170401 143744Gmole Yamaha MT07 klatka ochronna, IMG 20170401 143431
Gmole osłona silnikaIMG 20170401 143611gmole MT07 nauka jazdy klatka
Gmole osłona silnika Yamaha MT07IMG 20170401 143812IMG 20170401 143834

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