Quad plow – central asssembly

Quad plow with a central assembly is an alternative for people, who are not keen on the plow with a front assembly or the plow assembled traditionally under the engine. Organizer plate is universal and fits every quad model.  The plow obtains three vertical regulation levels and five horizontal regulation levels. The snow blade of mechanical deviation system protects from damage. A standard equipment contains regulated heigth slides that allow for identifying the distance of the blade from the surface, a replaceable blade, and a protective rubber which protects the surface from scratching and allows for a bigger comfort while clearing of snow. The available snow blade colors are yellow and black, individual colors are implemented on demand.

A complete plow consists of: plow blade, plow arm, assembly mastic. Available snow blade breadths are: 130 cm , 150 cm and 180 cm;  plow dedicated to UT vehicles.

Pług do quada centralny montaż 1Pług do quada centralny montaż 2Pług do quada centralny montaż 3
Pług do quada centralny montaż 4Pług do quada centralny montaż 5Pług do quada centralny montaż 6

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