Quad plow from Prestige Company – quick front click assembly.

The plows are characterized by quick  front mounting and very quick assembly and unassembly.

Thanks to applying Auto-KLIK regulation system vertically and 5 regulation levels horizontally. Mechanical deviation system of the snow blade protects from unevenness.

Standard equipment contains regulated heigth slides that allow for identifying the distance of the blade from the surface, replaceable blade, and protective rubber which protects the surface from scratching and allows for a bigger comfort while clearing of snow.
Mounting: standard plows are mounted under the quad which does not allow to apply aluminium covers and impede mounting the organizer plate, but, first of all, the assembled organizer plate of the plow substantially limits the clearance.  PRESTIGE Company plows are mounted in the front part of the quad, which allows for a fast, simple and firm assembly of the plow and does not limit the clearance. Hence, the assembled organizer plate does not hinder  a year-round operation of the quad.

Plow consctuction: standard plows contain only two plow blade strengthenings, swivel mechanism turns on the plastic bushing and one screw, which quarantees the damage of the plow when overruning an obstacle.  PRESTIGE Company plows contain four vertical blade strengthenings, swivel mechanism turns on a specific ring made of 6 mm sheet metal and 8 hardened screws. The screws connecting the blade with the arm turn around the specific bushing which allows for the endurance of the connection and fluent deviation of the blade while meeting the obstacle.

Material: The product is made of high-class steel protected with anti-corrosion furnace base and powder coating layers in black or yellow color. Elements protected in such a way are characterised by high corrosion resistance.  A complete plow consists of: plow blade, plow arm, assembly mastic (Our offer comprises assembly mastics for almost all quad models).

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