Snow plow for tractors

  • very good production quality
  • excellent top coat (powder coating)
  • dense ribbing (5mm thickness)
  • tripple bottom strengthening
  • spring protection
  • bearing axle with greasing capability
  • rubber armed with steel ropes  - 200cm x 15cm x 3cm, lub 200cm x 15cm x 5 cm (if unarmed, should be applied when clearing paver)
  • option of additional steel slat, assembled instead of a rubber, thanks to which a plow may serve as a buldozzer,  excellent for grading the ground, etc.

Swiveling mechanism based on four springs does not allow to damage the snow blade when overrunning invisible obstacles, such as curbs.

Rotary mechanism allows for setting the snow blade in the following directions: left, right and straigth ahead.

The axle is based on bearings and equipped with grease fitting.

The regulation of snow blade setting direction may be performed mechanically or hydraulically.

Snow blades and deviation-rotary mechanisms in our plows are identical in the cases of models adjusted to front and back assembly.

Back plows are assembled on three-point suspension system and, as well as the front ones, can be equipped with hydraulic or mechanical snow blade angle regulation.

Front plows for tractors not equipped with a front TUZ lifter are assembled on organizer plates adjusted to specific quad models. 

Our offer comprises plows for the specific models, such as:

  • URSUS C-330
  • URSUS C-360
  • MF (URSUS) 3502
  • URSUS MF 255
  • URSUS 3512
  • LG 60 (for fruit-growing)
  • LAMBORGHINI R (for fruit-growing)
  • others

Ball-lock mechanism allows for a trouble-free and fast assembly and disassembly of the plow from a carrying plate.

Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 1Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 2Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 3
Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 4Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 5Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 6
Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 7Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 8Pług śnieżny do ciągnika rolniczego 9

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